Wednesday, October 7, 2009

about composed fertilizer.

Compost fertilizer was an organic matter that have been decomposed. Making compost fertiliser of organic waste material not only can reduce rubbish, in fact its able to fertilize land in our garden.

Compost fertilizer produced when organic matter decaying and breach to abundant material with nutrient called “humus” through heat and respiration which is done by organism in land (worm, ant, bacteria and fungus). Anything that is an organic matter, for example leaf and food left-over can become compost fertilizer. Compost fertilizer used in manufacturing that help to resolve many environmental problems if perpetrated in one community and participated by many individuals.

some extra information

rice water also contains valuable nutrients for houseplants. Using it is also a wonderful way to conserve water and a great way to take some of the worry out of over-fertilizing. The starches from leftover rice water will help encourage beneficial soil bacteria, while the vitamins and minerals will add small amounts of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) to the soil. One thing to keep in mind when using water from cooking on your houseplants is to make sure the water has cooled to room temperature before you use it. It's also best to avoid using water that you have added salt to. Just about any clear or light-colored water that is left over after cooking is probably okay to use as long as it doesn't contain salts. This includes using water from cooking hard-boiled eggs, pasta and vegetables. If you have a freshwater fish aquarium, save some water for your houseplants every time you clean it.

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