Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go Green…

"Green" is enchantment unparalleled; transforming every beleaguered bone on disdainfully crackled earth; into a festoon of undying replenishment till times beyond eternity,
"Green" is the ultimate magicians wand; perpetuating every speck of the atmosphere with a tranquil so victorious; that it became the smile of each symbiotic countenance alive,
"Green" is the most everlastingly compassionate caress of nature divine; royally accommodating infinite organisms of different shapes, sizes, color and charm into a blanket of invincible frolic and togetherness,
"Green" is the most pricelessly inimitable definition of freshness; incessantly spawning into the undefeated dazzle of optimistic dawn; to enlighten the entire Universe with the colors of brilliant newness,
"Green" is every sore eye's perpetual delight; wholesomely shrugging off every wretched insinuation of monotonous commercialism; with the effervescent new-born foliage of earth divine,
"Green" is the most supremely mollifying tonic to the incarcerated soul; alleviating the most inconspicuous of its sorrow with undying enigmatic whispers; which reverberated till beyond the infinite,
"Green" is the most fragrantly uninhibited dance of every organism alive; as the unsurpassable buckets of rain; pelted unfettered from the belly of fathomless sky,
"Green" is the most pristine shade of prosperity at its unbelievable hilt; shimmering like a new born child replete with only happiness in every flamboyant ray of the sun and the equally royally moonlit night,
"Green" is the destiny which never ever dies; astoundingly proliferating into a boundless landscapes of blooming life; which made the most parasitic robots as the greatest poets till as long as God’s earth survived,
"Green" symbolizes the most blissfully perfect truce between austere white and diabolical black; where the winds of majestic moderation transit every living being to the paths of bountiful righteousness,
"Green" nullifies the very non-existent roots of anarchic depression; profoundly enthralling one and all in the neighborhood with the tantalizing vivaciousness of a fairy; who'd descended down solely to magnetize rustic soil,
"Green" evokes unconquerable desire in every ingredient of the blood; to be one and in perfect unison with Mother nature; let the unbridled beauty of her endless creations harness every aspect of impoverished existence,
"Green" makes you the most unabashed artist alive; as you bewilderingly fathom for the starting point and the horizons; on the infinite canvas of the Lord's panoramic sanctuary,
"Green" makes you the most passionate lover on trajectory of the endless planet; damning all inhibitions to the corpse as you fervently rolled into grasslands of desire—breath intermingled with the breath of your beloved,
"Green" is an ever-pervading rainbow; which charms even the most deadened of mortuary with its rustle and innocent grace; sprinkling quintessential ounces of vibrant life wherever it mystically crept,
"Green" is the ultimate harbinger of all peace and unity on the distraught globe; as it vanquishes every sinister trail of the barbarously marauding devil; with the freshness of love; creation and blessed fruits of the divine,
"Green" radiates an unshakable aura of optimism to the farthest quarter of the world; maintaining the most unbelievably perfect equilibrium between the sky; the earth and diminutive man trespassing in-between,
"Green" represents the free spirit of every continent; race; wind and space under the sky; immortally continuing the chapters of God's sacred creation; by timelessly proliferating into an infinite more of its color and kind,
Therefore what are you waiting for. Go Green. Plant a tree in every barren bit of space that you could lay your hands upon. And then witness your sown children become the most undivided race of togetherness; friendship; love and peace; even centuries after you were dead…

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