Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants play an important role for many humans and animals. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people, mainly in Asia, relying on bamboo plants as a source of income. For animals it is no only a habitat but for Gorillas, Pandas and others it is the preferred or only source of food. The bamboo plant has also an important commercial value.

Unfortunately the bamboo plant is in danger because of the explosion of population more and more bamboo forests get chopped down. The bamboo plant is a very valuable and versatile raw material. It is used for building complete houses, making closets or other furniture, producing the popular bamboo blinds, carpets or mats.

The bamboo plant is also a perfect solution for your garden, either as a beautiful plant or used as a bamboo fence. The bamboo plant as a fence is becoming more popular because one bamboo is growing very fast and it is cheap. Pruning bamboo plants is no problem as well.

Although there are more than 1600 different types of bamboo plants, less than 50 are commercially used. Bamboo is a type of grass and the world's fastest growing plant. Can you believe that the bamboo plant growth can be one meter a day for some species? Some can get 10 meters high.

Till today it is still not exactly known how a bamboo plant reproduces itself. Bamboo grows in groups for 5 to 120 years and then sometime, somehow they seed. The old bamboo dies and grows again.

Bamboo plants are known for flexibility and strength. Unbelievable, but its tensile strength compares to that of steel and therefore bamboo has been used in construction for centuries. Still no wonder that one billion people live in bamboo houses, simply because bamboo can be harvested and used cheaply and it grows back in lightning speed. It is a perfect raw material. It can grow from alone and does not need any care. The bamboo plant maintenance is low.

Bamboo has also been used in medicine for treating several diseases. The bamboo plant has so many advantages and usages, it does not surprise that bamboo house plants become more and more popular. Get at least a little bit of bamboo in your home with a lucky bamboo plant.

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